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We love our botanical family!

Aurelia Aromatica products are an essential part of my every day practice in staying peacefully grounded. Before I leave my home or when I’m feeling a bit off, I always use the Sensual Spray! I instantly feel the positive sensations of the aromatic medicine! I find added value in supporting a company that creates meticulously crafted products with awareness of the environment and cultural surroundings at the forefront of their brand. It’s a gift to have found this company!

I love to order essential oils from Aurelia because I know that they will be ones of the purest on a market. Aurelia cares about her clients. She is very knowledgeable and always gives me detailed information on how to use all that I order. And her packaging is so beautiful too! I highly recommend Aurelia!

As a nature lover, I am drawn to Aurelia Aromatica’s products. They are organically designed and thoughtfully sourced. I have sensitive skin and am thankful for Aurelia’s Sensual Mist spray. I wear I daily and it works well with my body chemistry.  I feel confident and beautiful when I wear this spray. I enjoy the uplifting fruity and floral notes with the woody finish. I feel one with myself and connected with its natural components. I admire Aurelia’s dedication to connecting her clients directly to nature through her aromatic designs.

Maintaining the Integrity of nature

Out of pure love for the natural world, we are devoted to the preservation of nature’s integrity.  Therefore all our aromatic creations; natural perfumes, custom blends, and essential oils are designed and curated to honor the intelligence and authenticity within each botanical species.

Conscious sourcing

Because of our global presence, we pledge a world perspective and are committed to respecting the livelihood of the people and environments surrounding the creation of our products.

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