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New Beginings

Posted by Aurelia Beye on
New Beginings

With the sweet aroma of flowers blooming in the air and fresh new growth appearing at the soles of our feet, it seems the most appropriate time to welcome you to Aurelia Apothecary. So welcome dear friends! I am excited that you are with us on the beginning of this journey. 

The days ahead are marked by new growth and beautiful beginnings. We can collectively delight over longer stretches of sunshine and freshness in the air. Windows are opening, as we cleanse our living / work spaces and welcome in the new. Essential oils are extraordinary aids during this time.

Representing renewal and optimism, citrus oils such as bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, and orange are excellent oils to use. These oils assist us in purifying and bringing a light cheerful quality to the air. To use, diffuse them in your favorite diffuser or make into a fragrant spray. Personally, developing an aromatic spray is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the beauty these oils provide. The aromatics freshen the air surrounding me and I feel renewed.

I hope these words leave you inspired.

Thank you for being with us during the beginning of this adventure.



General guideline for making your own fragrant spray! 


15 drops of your favorite essential oil or mixture (please take safety considerations into mind).

1 fluid oz of a high proof alcohol or water.


Add 15 drops, or less, of essential oils to a 1 oz bottle. Next add 1 fluid oz of either alcohol or water to bottle and shake well.


*We prefer to use amber glass bottles for storage and usage of our sprays as glass is more sustainable and offers the purest storage for essential oils. There are many other colored glass options on the market and these are all suitable, as long as the glass is designed to protect contents from sunlight.

*A high proof alcohol or water will serve to carry the essential oils and also dilute them. We like to use a high proof grain alcohol, for our sprays, as the essential oil disperses well within it. We are careful to select neutral high grain alcohol so that the aromatics do not compete with essential oils. For those of you that prefer not to use alcohol, distilled water will work. However, make sure to shake your spray well before each use.

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