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Rose Hydrosol


Our Rose hydrosol is a gentle alternative to Rose oil, with the same therapeutic properties. It’s exquisite aroma transports us to a floral-rich summer garden. It can be used as a single note perfume, or as a hydrating facial toner, restoring balance to the skin. It makes an excellent daily luxury, enlivening the soul and uplifting the heart.

Botanical Characterization

Botanical Name: Rosa Damascena

Botanical Family: Rosaceae

Origin: Bulgaria

Part of Plant used: Petals

Extraction Method: Steam distilled

Cultivation Method: Certified organic

Aroma Characterization

Perfumery Note: Mid or heart note

Color: Transparent to pale yellow

Aromatic Profile: Sweet and floral, light but rich body

Blends well with: Benzion, Clary sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, & Sandalwood hydrosols or oils.

Ways to Use

Use as a facial toner for a softer appearance by misting face or body after daily cleansing routine, allowing the skin to stay hydrated and nourished.

Use as a single note perfume by misting the body generously throughout the day for a soft-floral aroma with a luxurious feel.

Use for emotional support by misting on or around your body frequently throughout the day to revive the spirit and provide gentle encouragement. Apply 1/2 cup of  Rose hydrosol to bath water and enjoy the calming effects.

Add to facial masks using as the wetting agent in facial or other skin care products.

Traditions & Folklore

Rose is a symbol of love for many world traditions and rich in its historical and modern day uses. Rose hydrosol, in particular, has been in popular use since ancient Rome where it was highly coveted and used for ceremonial purposes. Today its use remains beloved within the perfumery, cosmetics, medicinal, and culinary industries. On a more subtle level, rose is used to soothe a broken or grieving heart.


Store in a cool dark place.  

Usage Disclaimer
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